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BLAH guide

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  job and receives delegations of refreshed proxies during the lifetime of the job.

The supported batch systems

At the time of writing BLAH supports the following batch systems: LSF, PBS/Torque, SGE, Condor and just recently SLURM. In order to enable BLAH to interact with the selected batch system, it must be configured properly by setting few parameters on its configuration file which is located by default at /etc/blah.config. The file contains a list of parameters and their own default value is well defined for a standard setup of BLAH. Their customization is even possible if needed. For example to enable the support of SLURM is need just a specific parameter slurm_binpath which informs BLAH about the location where the SLURM executables are located (i.e. scontrol and sacct).

BLAH Scripts

XXX_submit.sh script

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