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Known issues

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 Known problems in CREAM software or in other software modules affecting a CREAM based CE (the list refer to known problem affecting the latest release of the software released in EMI)

Error parsing GLUE2PolicyRule

All the attibutes "GLUE2PolicyRule" defined in the file /var/lib/bdii/gip/ldif/ComputingShare.ldif MUST BE in the form "VO:nameofthevo" (the VO prefix is mandatory) Other strings, even the empty one, are not correctly parsed by the script lcg-info-dynamic-scheduler and the following error is reported in the BDII log:

vogrp = tmpl[2].strip()
IndexError: list index out of range
In that case the wrong attributes MUST BE removed

Problem at first configuration with EMI-2 CREAM with GE

The first yaim configuration for a EMI-2 CREAM CE using GE as batch system fails with:

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