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Known issues

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The workaround is to overwrite the file /usr/libexec/slurm_submit.sh with the fixed one available for download at https://github.com/prelz/BLAH/blob/master/src/scripts/slurm_submit.sh and it not needed to restart tomcat or reconfigure CREAM for applying the patch.

The jobSuspend and jobResume operations fail on CREAM CE (EMI-3) SLURM enabled

Since the hold and resume operations have not yet been implemented in BLAH, CREAM reports to the user the failure of such operations with a message error like "slurm hold command failed (stdout:hold not supported-)"

The jobs submitted to CREAM CE (EMI-3) SLURM enabled fail with the message “failure reason = 127”

In case the jobs fail with the “failure reason = 127”, please restart the sshd daemon on all nodes in order to apply the changes on the ssh configuration:
# /etc/init.d/sshd restart

Problem at first configuration with EMI-2 CREAM with GE

The first yaim configuration for a EMI-2 CREAM CE using GE as batch system fails with:

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