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Known issues

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  Known problems in CREAM software or in other software modules affecting a CREAM based CE (the list refer to known problem affecting the latest release of the software released in EMI)

Wrong time format for MaxWallClockTime

With EMI-2 update 9 an issue occurs concerning the time format of GlueCEPolicyMaxWallClockTime and GlueCEPolicyMaxObtainableWallClockTime on a TORQUE based installation. The attributes are published in hours, there's no workaround at the moment the only way is to change the script /usr/libexec/info-dynamic-pbs according to:
<            $maxWall = int(&convertHhMmSs($1)/60);
>            $maxWall = int(&convertHhMmSs($1));
<       $defaultWall = int(&convertHhMmSs($1)/60);
>       $defaultWall = int(&convertHhMmSs($1));

tomcat5 fails to start unless the supplementary repository is enabled in RHEL 5.9

In RHEL 5.9, installing tomcat5 (tomcat5-5.5.23-0jpp.37.el5) pulls in java-1.7.0-ibm-devel (1: IF the supplementary-5 repository is enalbed. However, without the supplementary repo set up, tomcat5 pulls in java-1.4.2-gcj-compat-devel instead. In this case starting tomcat5 fails as seen in /var/log/tomcat5/catalina.out :
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