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META TOPICPARENT name="CreamTesting"

Regression Test Work Plan

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 i.e. a stagein and a stageout directives, with escaped quotes around the whole lists.

Bug #90082 BUpdaterPBS workaround if tracejob is in infinite loop TBD

Bug #90085 Suspend command doesn't work with old parser Not implemented

To test the fix configure a CREAM CE with the old blparser.

Then submit a job and after a while suspend it using the glite-ce-job-suspend command.

Check the job status which eventually should be HELD.

Bug #90101 Missing 'Iwd' Attribute when trasferring files with the 'TransferInput' attribute may cause thread to loop TBD

Bug #90927 Problem with init script for blparser TBD


Fixes provided with BLAH 1.16.4

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