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META TOPICPARENT name="CreamTesting"

Regression Test Work Plan

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Bug #90927 Problem with init script for blparser TBD


Bug #91037 BUpdaterLSF should use bjobs to detect final job state Not implemented

To test the fix, configure a CREAM CE with LSF with the new blparser.

Then edit blah.config setting:


Delete the bupdater log file and restart the blparser.

Submit a job and wait for its completion and wait till then a notification with status 4 is logged in the bnotifier log file.

grep the bupdater log file for the bhist string, which should not be found.


Fixes provided with BLAH 1.16.4

Bug #88974 BUpdaterSGE and BNotifier don't start if sge_helperpath var is not fixed Not implemented

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