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System Administrator Guide for CREAM for EMI-1 release

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  The CREAM CLI is part of the EMI-UI. To configure it please refer to xxx.

0.0.1 Manual configuration

yaim allows to choose the most important parameters (via yaim variables) related to the CREAM-CE. It is then possible to tune some other attributes manually editing the relevant configuration files.

The following subsections describe some of the parameters that can be manually configured.

Please note that:

  • After having manually modified a configuration file, it is then necessary to restart the service
  • Manual changes done in the configuration files are scratched by following yaim reconfigurations Tune the number of concurrent BLAH instances

To allow a parallelism when interacting with the batch system, in particular to have a good throughput when submitting jobs to the batch system, CREAM can run multiple BLAH instances. A new instance is created whenever needed, till the maximum number defined in the etc/glite-ce-cream/cream-config.xml configuration file is reached. The relevant attribute is cream_concurrency_level. The default value is 50.


1 Operating the system

1.1 Tomcat configuration guidelines

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  This will return all the information relevant for this job

0.1 How to check if you are using the old or the new blparser

If you want to quickly check if you are using the old or the new BLAH Blparser, do a grep registry blah.config. If you see something like:

# grep registry blah.config

you are using the new BLAH blparser. Otherwise you are using the old one.


0.1 Job purging

Purging a CREAM job means removing it from the CREAM database and removing from the CREAM CE any information relevant for that job (e.g. the job sandbox area).

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