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System Administrator Guide for CREAM for EMI-1 release

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  • Restart tomcat on ce01.mydomain and ce02.mydomain
You can of course replace 33333, 33334, 56565, 56566 (reported in the above examples) with other port numbers
> Configuration of the new BLAH Blparser to to use cached batch system commands

With BLAH version >= 1.16-3, the new BLAH blparser can be configured in order to not interact directly with the batch system, but through a program (to be implemented by the site admin) which can implement some caching functionality. This is the case for example of CommandProxyTools, implement at Cern

To enable this feature, add in /etc/blah.config (the example below is for lsf, with /usr/bin/runcmd.pl as name of the "caching" program):


So the blparser, insead of issuing bjobs -u ...., will issue /usr/bin/runcmd.pl bjobs -u ..."


0.0.1 Configuration of the CREAM databases on a host different than the CREAM-CE

To configure the CREAM databases on a host different than the CREAM-CE:

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