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Troubleshooting guide for CREAM

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  In glite-ce-cream.log the reason for the authorization problem should be explained

0.1 Authorization layer is not configured

This error on the client side may be caused by many different errors arising during the startup of the CREAM service. This is a list of possible reasons:

  • Argus PEP client doesn't support PKCS#8 format for the private key; this can be verified if the CREAM log appears the message
    No KeyPair object found in file /etc/grid-security/tomcat-key.pem
    .It is necessary to convert the format of the key to the old one (PKCS#1) with the following commands:
    openssl rsa -in /etc/grid-security/hostkey.pem -out /etc/grid-security/hostkey.pem.new
    mv /etc/grid-security/hostkey.pem.new /etc/grid-security/hostkey.pem
    chmod 400 /etc/grid-security/hostkey.pem
    and run the YAIM configurator.

0.1 Failed to create a delegation id for job <jobid>: reason is User <userDN> not authorized for operation <operation>

See what reported here

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