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Troubleshooting guide for CREAM

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1 Other problems


0.1 Job cancelled with description "Cancelled by CE admin"

All activities about the job are tracked on its history. So, whenever the CREAM service receives from BLAH the cancel state about a job, it checks in the job's history if the user (or admin) explicitly requested its cancellation or whether the cream itself decided to cancel it because of the lease expiration or some other reason. If no one "jobCancel" command has been executed by CREAM (i.e. due to user/admin request or job lease expiration), it means that the action has been executed externally by the system administrator (e.g. bkill) or the batch system itself (e.g. batch system killed the job due to excessive memory usage). In this case, CREAM is not able to know exactly what happened and so it can just inform the user about the job cancellation with the description "Cancelled by CE admin". The LRMS logs may contain some useful detailed information for understanding who canceled the job, but this approach is batch system dependent and it needs more investigation. At the present time the hint we can provide to the user is to ask the LRMS admin to investigate the cancellation reason by using the tools provided by the LRMS itself.


0.1 Dynamic information not published in the BDII

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