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0.1 Monitoring jobs

Passing the CREAM job id returned by the glite-ce-job-submit command to the glite-ce-job-status command, it is possible to monitor the submitted job. Several (static and dynamic) information can be shown, depending on the chosen verbosity level. The verbosity level can be 0 (less verbosity), 1 or 2 (most verbosity).
Please note that specifying 0 as verbosity level means calling on the CREAM service a faster operation than when using 1 or 2 as verbosity level.

The most relevant attribute is the job status.

The following is an example of job status operation, specifying 1 as verbosity level:

$ glite-ce-job-status -L 1 https://cream-02.pd.infn.it:8443/CREAM738582717
****** JobID=[https://cream-02.pd.infn.it:8443/CREAM738582717]
Current Status = [DONE-FAILED]
ExitCode = [N/A]
FailureReason = [lsf_reason=256; Cannot move ISB (${globus_transfer_cmd}
gsiftp://cream-02.pd.infn.it//CREAMTests/Exe1/ssh1.sh file:///home/infngrid001/home_cream_738582717/CREAM738582717/ssh1.sh):
error: globus_ftp_client: the server responded with an error 500 500-Command failed. : globus_l_gfs_file_open failed.
500-globus_xio: Unable to open file //CREAMTests/Exe1/ssh1.sh
500-globus_xio: System error in open: No such file or directory
500-globus_xio: A system call failed: No such file or directory 500 End.]
Grid JobID = [N/A]

Job status changes:
Status = [REGISTERED] - [Tue 22 Jan 2008 15:55:08] (1201013708)
Status = [PENDING] - [Tue 22 Jan 2008 15:55:08] (1201013708)
Status = [IDLE] - [Tue 22 Jan 2008 15:55:11] (1201013711)
Status = [RUNNING] - [Tue 22 Jan 2008 15:55:18] (1201013718)
Status = [DONE-FAILED] - [Tue 22 Jan 2008 16:03:10] (1201014190)

Issued Commands:
*** Command Name = [JOB_REGISTER]
Command Category = [JOB_MANAGEMENT]
Command Status = [SUCCESSFULL]
*** Command Name = [JOB_START]
Command Category = [JOB_MANAGEMENT]
Command Status = [SUCCESSFULL]

In this example it is interesting to note that the job failed (as reported by the Current Status field) for the problem reported in the FailureReason field: the file to be transferred was not found.

Instead of explicitly specifying the identifiers of the jobs to monitor, the user can also ask to monitor all her jobs, in case specifying conditions (on the submission date and/or on the job status) that must be met.

For example to monitor all jobs, whose status is DONE-OK or DONE-FAILED, submitted to the grid005.pd.infn.it CREAM CE between July 23, 2005 10:00 and July 28, 2005 11:00, the following command must be issued:

> glite-ce-job-status --all -e grid005.pd.infn.it:8443 --from ’2005-07-23 10:00:00’ --to ’2005-07-28 11:00:00’ -s DONE-OK:DONE-FAILED

0.1 Retrieving output of jobs

User can choose to save the output sandbox (OSB) files on a remote server, or save them in the CREAM CE node. In the latter case these files can then be retrieved using the =glite-ce-job-output command.

For example the following command retrieves the output sandbox files of the specified job from the relevant CREAM CE node:

> glite-ce-job-output https://cream-38.pd.infn.it:8443/CREAM295728364
2011-01-29 10:09:50,394 INFO - For JobID [https://cream-38.pd.infn.it:8443/CREAM295728364]
output will be stored in the dir ./cream-38.pd.infn.it_8443_CREAM295728364

0.2 Getting job identifiers

If a user is interested to get the identifiers of all her jobs submitted to a specific CREAM CE, she can use the glite-ce-job-list command. For example the following command returns the identifiers of all the jobs submitted to the specified CREAM CE, owned by the user issuing the command:

> glite-ce-job-list grid005.pd.infn.it:8443

0.3 Cancelling jobs

In some cases it might be needed to cancel jobs which have been previously submitted to CREAM based CEs. This can be achieved via the glite-ce-job-cancel command.

E.g., the command:

> glite-ce-job-cancel https://grid005.pd.infn.it:8443/CREAM115j5vfnf

cancels the specified job.

0.4 Suspending and resuming jobs

A running or idle job can be suspended (i.e. its execution will be stopped), and be resumed (i.e. it will run again) later. This can be achieved with the glite-ce-job-suspend and glite-ce-job-resume commands.

The following example shows that after having issued the glite-ce-job-suspend command, after a while the job status becomes HELD.

> glite-ce-job-suspend https://cream-ce-01.pd.infn.it:8443/CREAM11a79tnb2
Are you sure you want to suspend specified job(s) [y/n]: y
> glite-ce-job-status -L 0 https://cream-ce-01.pd.infn.it:8443/CREAM11a79tnb2
****** JobID=[https://cream-ce-01.pd.infn.it:8443/CREAM11a79tnb2]
Status = [HELD]

Issuing the glite-ce-job-resume command, the job will run/will be idle again:

> glite-ce-job-resume https://cream-ce-01.pd.infn.it:8443/CREAM11a79tnb2
Are you sure you want to resume specified job(s) [y/n]: y
> glite-ce-job-status -L 0 https://cream-ce-01.pd.infn.it:8443/CREAM11a79tnb2
****** JobID=[https://cream-ce-01.pd.infn.it:8443/CREAM11a79tnb2]

0.5 Purging jobs

A CREAM job can be monitored (via the glite-ce-job-status) even after it has completed its execution. A job gets “lost” (i.e. it is not possible to monitor or manage it anymore) only when the user who submitted it decides to explicitly clear it, or when the CREAM system administrator decides to do this purging operation. A user can purge her own jobs, using the glite-ce-job-purge command.

E.g., after having issued the command:

> glite-ce-job-purge https://cream-ce-01.pd.infn.it:8443/CREAM116jbi4o0

the specified job can’t be managed anymore (e.g. it is not possible to check its status anymore).

0.6 Renewing proxies

It is possible that long jobs may outlive the validity of the initial delegated credentials; if so the job will die prematurely. To avoid this it is possible to renew the proxy of jobs submitted to CREAM CEs with the glite-ce-proxy-renew command.

E.g. the following command:

> glite-ce-proxy-renew -e cream-ce-01.pd.infn.it:8443 mydelid

renews the proxy of all the jobs having =mydelid= as delegation id.

It must be stressed that for jobs submitted to CREAM based CEs via the Workload Management System (WMS), proxy renewal is automatically dealt by the middleware.

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