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0.1 CREAM CLI configuration files

The configuration of the CREAM UI is accomplished via three possible configuration files:

  • A general configuration file. This file is looked for in /etc/glite_cream.conf

  • A VO specific configuration file. This file is looked for in /etc//glite_cream.conf

  • A user specific configuration file. This file is looked for in the following order:
    • The file specified with the --conf option of the considered command
    • The file referenced by the $GLITE_CREAM_CLIENT_CONFIG environment variable
    • $HOME/.glite//glite_cream.conf (if the VO is defined), or $HOME/.glite/glite_cream.conf otherwise

Each of these files is a classad containing definitions.

If the same attribute is defined in more configuration file, the definition in the user specific configuration file (if any) is considered. Likewise the definitions in the VO specific configuration file have higher priority than the ones specified in the general configuration file.

It must be noted that one or more (even all) of these three configuration files can be missing.

0.1.1 CREAM CLI configuration file attributes


1 Man pages for CREAM Command Line Interface

1.1 glite-ce-job-submit

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  The following figure shows the possible job states transitions.

-- MassimoSgaravatto - 2011-04-07

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