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CREAM User's Guide for EMI-2

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(this command glite-es-delegate-proxy will be explained more deeply later).
 The returned delegation identifier 04669318871724504 (that is an handle to the real delegated proxy residing on the CE cream-10.pd.infn.it, whose lifetime is equal to the user's proxy lifetime) must be inserted in the proper ADL's section, like in this example:
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Stage-in performed by the user

Consider this ADL:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>

            <Description>A job that to run needs a file to be sent and writes its elaboration on an output file to be retrieved.</Description>


              <Value>"my env"</Value>




Note the new XML node <ClientDataPush> and the lack of the <InputFile> node. This ADL tells the CE that the ISB file (in this case the user's executable myjob.sh) will be sent by the user by hand and the CE has to wait until this operation is performed.

$ glite-es-activity-create -e cream-10.pd.infn.it ~/JDLs/activity_files_push.adl
ActivityID     = CR_ES613269972
ActivityMgrURI = https://cream-10.pd.infn.it:8443/ce-cream-es/services/ActivityManagementService
Status         = PREPROCESSING
Timestamp      = Wed Mar 21 13:36:55 2012
Description    = 
ETNSC          = 
STAGEIN Dir    = {gsiftp://cream-10.pd.infn.it/var/cream-es_sandbox/dteam/CN_Alvise_Dorigo_L_Padova_OU_Personal_Certificate_O_INFN_C_IT_dteam_Role_NULL_Capability_NULL_dteam004/61/CR_ES613269972/ISB}
SESSION Dir    = {}
STAGEOUT Dir   = {gsiftp://cream-10.pd.infn.it/var/cream-es_sandbox/dteam/CN_Alvise_Dorigo_L_Padova_OU_Personal_Certificate_O_INFN_C_IT_dteam_Role_NULL_Capability_NULL_dteam004/61/CR_ES613269972/OSB}

Note the status attribute CLIENT_STAGEIN_POSSIBLE: the CE is saying that it is waiting for the user to send the required ISB by hand (by mean of the usual GridFTP client for example). Also note that the CE is communicating the complete address where to send the ISB (and the protocol supported, gsiftp):

globus-url-copy myjob.sh gsiftp://cream-10.pd.infn.it/var/cream-es_sandbox/dteam/CN_Alvise_Dorigo_L_Padova_OU_Personal_Certificate_O_INFN_C_IT_dteam_Role_NULL_Capability_NULL_dteam004/61/CR_ES613269972/ISB/myjob.sh

When the stage-in is finished, the user has to notify the service that the file shipment is complete:

$ glite-es-notify-service -e cream-10.pd.infn.it CR_ES613269972:CLIENT-DATAPUSH-DONE

The activity is started by the CE and the OSB are available as usual where specified in the ADL (cream-23.pd.infn.it).

In this example a new command has been introduced: glite-es-notify-service, that will be described more deeply later.


-- MassimoSgaravatto - 2011-04-07

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