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CREAM User's Guide for EMI-2

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  In this example a new command has been introduced: glite-es-notify-service, that will be described more deeply later.

Both stage-in and stage-out performed by the user

Consider this ADL:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>

            <Description>A job that to run needs a file to be sent and writes its elaboration on an output file to be retrieved.</Description>

              <Value>"my env"</Value>



This ADL doesn't contain specification of <Target> node, which means that the CE doesn't have to send any files to any remote server; it will be up to the user to retrieve the JobOutput.txt and JobError.txt files. As before, just after activity creation, the CE will send back the client the paths for stage-in and stage out. Let's skip the description of stage-in of executabe myjob.sh already described above. The activity creation with this ADL will return (as usual):

$ glite-es-activity-create -e cream-05.pd.infn.it ~/JDLs/activity_files_push_pull.adl
ActivityID     = CR_ES342891609
ActivityMgrURI = https://cream-05.pd.infn.it:8443/ce-cream-es/services/ActivityManagementService
Status         = PREPROCESSING
Timestamp      = Thu Mar 22 12:05:01 2012
Description    = 
ETNSC          = 
STAGEIN Dir    = {gsiftp://cream-05.pd.infn.it/var/cream-es_sandbox/dteam/CN_Alvise_Dorigo_L_Padova_OU_Personal_Certificate_O_INFN_C_IT_dteam_Role_NULL_Capability_NULL_dteam002/34/CR_ES342891609/ISB}
SESSION Dir    = {}
STAGEOUT Dir   = {gsiftp://cream-05.pd.infn.it/var/cream-es_sandbox/dteam/CN_Alvise_Dorigo_L_Padova_OU_Personal_Certificate_O_INFN_C_IT_dteam_Role_NULL_Capability_NULL_dteam002/34/CR_ES342891609/OSB}

This time, in addition to the "STAGEIN Dir", the user has to consider the value of "STAGEOUT Dir"; when the activity will be finished, he/she will have to retrieve the two files by mean of the usual GridFTP client:


-- MassimoSgaravatto - 2011-04-07

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