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CREAM User's Guide for EMI-2

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1 ES Command Line Interface Guide (WORK IN PROGRES...)

1.1 Before starting: get your user proxy

See above: https://wiki.italiangrid.it/twiki/bin/view/CREAM/UserGuideEMI2#Before_starting_get_your_user_proxy

1.2 ES CLI Commands:

  • glite-es-activity-create --endpoint <hostname>[:tcpport] [OPTIONS] <ADL_FILE>
  • glite-es-activity-status --endpoint <hostname>[:tcpport] [OPTIONS] <Activity_Identifier_1> ... <Activity_Identifier_N>
  • glite-es-activity-info --endpoint <hostname>[:tcpport] [OPTIONS] <Activity_Identifier_1> ... <Activity_Identifier_N>
  • glite-es-activity-list [OPTIONS] <hostname>[:tcpport]
  • glite-es-activity-pause --endpoint <hostname>[:tcpport] [OPTIONS] <Activity_Identifier_1> ... <Activity_Identifier_N>
  • glite-es-activity-cancel --endpoint <hostname>[:tcpport] [OPTIONS] <Activity_Identifier_1> ... <Activity_Identifier_N>
  • glite-es-activity-wipe --endpoint <hostname>[:tcpport] [OPTIONS] <Activity_Identifier_1> ... <Activity_Identifier_N>
  • glite-es-activity-resume --endpoint <hostname>[:tcpport] [OPTIONS] <Activity_Identifier_1> ... <Activity_Identifier_N>
  • glite-es-activity-restart --endpoint <hostname>[:tcpport] [OPTIONS] <Activity_Identifier_1> ... <Activity_Identifier_N>
  • glite-es-notify-service --endpoint <hostname>[:tcpport] [OPTIONS] <NotificationMessages>
  • glite-es-delegate-proxy --endpoint <hostname>[:tcpport] [OPTIONS]
  • glite-es-delegation-info --endpoint <hostname>[:tcpport] [OPTIONS] <Delegation_Identifier>
  • glite-es-delegation-renew --endpoint <hostname>[:tcpport] [OPTIONS] <Delegation_Identifier>

1.3 Creating activities on ES based CEs

The command glite-es-activity-create creates an activity on an ES based CE; it needs the specification of and endpoint where the creation request must be sent, and an XML file containing the activity description (described in ADL language: https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/EMI/EmiExecutionService). The XML must not be contain any xml namespace.


-- MassimoSgaravatto - 2011-04-07

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