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CREAM CLI testsuite

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  • glite-ce-job-purge
  • glite-ce-job-list
  • glite-ce-allowed-submission
  • glite-ce-event-query
  These commands could not be tested without adding the test user as a CREAM "super-user":
  • glite-ce-disable-submission
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  Prerequisites: CREAM-cli-job-submit.sh, CREAM-cli-job-status.sh


This script tests the command glite-ce-event-query:
  • TEST 1: check if the command retrieves all pending events
  • TEST 2: check if the command retrieves the last events
  • TEST 3: check if the --conf option works
  • TEST 4: save info into a logfile to check if --debug and --logfile options work

Prerequisites: CREAM-cli-job-submit.sh, CREAM-cli-job-status.sh, CREAM-cli-job-purge.sh



This script tests checks the command glite-ce-allowed-submission:
  • TEST 1: check if the submissions to the CE are allowed
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