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CREAM CLI testsuite

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 Location: org.glite.testsuites.ctb/CREAM/CREAM-cli

The test suite covers all the glite-ce-* available commands:

  • glite-ce-service-info
  • glite-ce-delegate-proxy
  • glite-ce-proxy-renew
  • glite-ce-job-submit
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  Every scripts accept the --debug (or -d) option which overwrites the DEBUG parameter setting it to value 1 (some debug informations should be printed in standard output).


This script tests the command glite-ce-service-info:
  • TEST 1: check option --version
  • TEST 2: check the service info using various log level
  • TEST 3: check if the --conf option works
  • TEST 4: save info into a logfile to check if --debug and --logfile options work


This script tests the command glite-ce-delegate-proxy:
  • TEST 1: delegate a proxy specifying CREAM URL and delegation ID
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