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PATCH 4366

Upgrade from production

  • Upgrade steps:
    wget http://etics-repository.cern.ch/repository/pm/registered/repomd/name/patch_4366_1/etics-registered-build-by-name.repo -O /etc/yum.repos.d/glite-CREAMCLI.repo
    yum update

  • view the log of YUM for the client upgrade

Automatic tests

  • Run the following tests from the testsuite: output for lsf and pbs CE.
    • CREAM-cli-delegation.sh: OK
    • CREAM-cli-delegation-renew.sh: OK
    • CREAM-cli-job-submit: OK
    • CREAM-cli-job-status-simple.sh: OK
    • CREAM-cli-job-status-filtered.sh: OK
    • CREAM-cli-job-cancel.sh: OK
    • CREAM-cli-job-suspend.sh: OK Failed on pbs because suspend command is not supported
    • CREAM-cli-job-resume.sh: OK Failed on pbs because resume command is not supported
    • CREAM-cli-job-purge.sh: OK
    • CREAM-cli-job-list.sh: OK
    • CREAM-cli-submission-management.sh: OK
    • CREAM-cli-event-query.sh: OK
    • CREAM-cli-service-info.sh: OK

Checked bugs

Bug #66720 glite-ce-job-output command should be provided TO CHECK

Bug #71140 Annoying warning message on CREAM-CLI should be printed only in debug mode TO CHECK

Bug #72084 Reduce the number of authorization calls in transfers of sandbox files between UI and CREAM TO CHECK

Bug #73746 glite-ce-job-status may abort unnecessarily TO CHECK

Bug #73900 there's a memory leak in cream-client-api-c TO CHECK

Bug #74699 An ISB file specified as "file:///" is not sent to the CE TO CHECK

Bug #76899 CREAM CLI: Wrong handling of Inputsandbox TO CHECK

Bug #77368 Problems detecting job status changes in WMS->CREAM with secondary FQANs TO CHECK

-- AlessioGianelle - 2011-02-08

META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="yumlog.txt" attr="" comment="Yum update log file" date="1297158220" name="yumlog.txt" path="yumlog.txt" size="10890" stream="yumlog.txt" tmpFilename="/usr/tmp/CGItemp7368" user="AlessioGianelle" version="1"
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