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META TOPICPARENT name="CreamWorkPlan"


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  • --interactive Enable the test control via terminal (EXPERIMENTAL)
  • --listQuery use the internal job list instead of the oldest timestamp for building the status query
  • -l --logConf STRING Set the location of the configuration file for log4py, (DEFAULT as provided by log4py)

  • -C --maxConcurrentSubmit NUMBER define the number of concurrent submit, (DEFAULT is 1)
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  • -n --numberOfJob NUMBER set the number of jobs to submit (DEFAULT 1)
  • -Q --queryType STRING speficy the polling mechanism used for retrieving the status of the jobs.
The supported types are event (new event query), list (internal job list used) or timestamp (query by timestamp). The default is event.
  • -r --rate NUMBER set the sleep time in seconds between two polling operations (Default 30s, Min 5s)

  • -R --resourceURI STRING define the URI of the resource under testing, the format is [:]/cream--. This option is mandatory and no default value is defined
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