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Automatic tests:

  • The following tests of the CREAM testsuite fail:
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  • Bug #43830: Problems if there are > 32000 active jobs per user on a CREAM CE FIXED
    • Verified as explained here
  • Bug #44307: CREAM job wrapper needs to be made compatible with uberftp 2.0 HOPEFULLY FIXED
    • Verified that in the jw there is that patch
    • Verified that it works on WNs where uberftp v. 1.x is installed and edg-gridftp-rm is not available
    • Not possible to test on Wns where uberftp v. 2.x is installed
    • See also here
Line: 82 to 88
  • Bug #46794: JobPurger should cancel jobs from the database even if the workingDirectory field is not set. FIXED
    • Verified as explained here
* Bug #47400: Connection timeout for asynchronous commands HOPEFULLY FIXED
    • Not reproduced anymore

  • Bug #47461: The jobPurge command must be executed with low priority HOPEFULLY FIXED
    • To check the priority of the commands, the DB should be checked. But when a job is purged, the entry for that job is removed from the DB. So it should be checked when there are many commands in the queue, before the purge is actually executed
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