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PATCH 3179

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  • Bug #17949: BLAH should operate with no access whatsoever to the batch system logs NOT TESTED
  • Bug #37430: BLParser should properly filter it's log output NOT TESTED
  • Bug #37430: BLParser should properly filter it's log output FIXED
    • Not too clear what the fix is supposed to be
    • According to the developer (M. Mezzadri) the command received by the old blparser from CREAM should be reported in the blparser log file without an extra new-line
    • Verified in the old blparser log file
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  • Bug #53499: CREAM job wrapper template should be put outside the jar FIXED
    • check wheter the file /opt/glite/share/webapps/ce-cream.war contains the file WEB-INF/jobwrapper.tpl
  • Bug #54812: lsf_submit.sh job requirement NOT TESTED
  • Bug #54812: lsf_submit.sh job requirement FIXED
    • Created (and chmoded +x) the file /opt/glite/bin/lsf_local_submit_attributes.sh on the CREAM CE with the following content:

                     echo "BSUB -n 2"

    • Submitted a job to that CE, without specifying in the JDL the cerequirements attribute
    • Checked (via bjobs -l) that the -n 2 directive was used (which means that the lsf_local_submit_attributes.sh was run)
  • Bug #54900: [ glite-yaim-cream-ce ] config_cream_tomcat_user should not add tomcat to VO FIXED
    • check the membership of any VO group
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