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  • Bug #70287: Problem with AssignFinalState if state is IDLE TODO
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    • Define a value short enough for the parameter "alldone_interval" in the blah.config file, for example 1200 seconds.
    • Submit a bunch of jobs so that all the slots of the CE are busy for more than 1200 seconds, for example given 200 slots use the following test:
      cream-test-monitored-submit -r 30 -n 200 -m 200 -C 50 -j long.jdl -R [ce-resource-url]
      , where the jdl file contains:
    • Submit a new bunch of jobs whose idle time and effective processing time are larger than 1200 seconds.
    • Verify that all the jobs terminate correctly and that all the status changes are correctly logged into the Bnotifier log.
  • Bug #70808: PBS submission script creates wrong stagein/stageout directives with qsub's -W option FIXED
    • Save a backup of the BLAH submit wrapper, replacing the statement "rm -f $bls_tmp_file" with "cp $bls_tmp_file /tmp" in the script ${GLITE_LOCATION}/bin/blah_common_submit_functions.sh
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