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  • Bug #73961: /tmp of CREAM CE full of glexec* proxies FIXED
    • Submit a job and verifiy that no proxy has been created in the temporary directory /tmp
  • Bug #74107: ClientJobId missing in BNotifier classad output FIXED
    • Stop all gLite services on the CREAM node and run only the BNotifier/BUpdater (/opt/glite/etc/glite-ce-blahparser start)
    • Contact the BNotifier daemon via telnet and send the following set of commands:
      • "[blah_prefix]" is the value of the parameter BLAH_JOBID_PREFIX of the cream configuration file
      • "[client_job_id]" is random 9-digits number so that the value "[blah_prefix][client_job_id]" is not contained into the BNotifier registry, this can be verified using the following command:
        strings $GLITE_LOCATION/var/blah/user_blah_job_registry.bjr/registry | grep [blah_prefix][client_job_id]
    • Verify that the classad returned by the BNotifier contains the parameter "ClientJobId"
    • Close the connection with BNotifier and restart all gLite services on the node

Clean installation

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