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PATCH 4415

Automatic tests

  • report #1:
    • CREAM UI version: 1.12.1; CREAM testsuite version: 1.0.7
    • Used direct polling for monitoring and BUpdater/BNotifier for status change detection
    • Batch system: TORQUE
    • All tests have been run (see the report from the testsuite) with the following results:
      • test #18 reports one submission failed due to network problems and one execution terminated by the batch system
      • all other tests have been correctly executed

Tested that the BDII is operational

ldapsearch -x -h cream-40.pd.infn.it -p 2170 -b o=infosys

Output is here

Checked the Glue 1.3 root entry:

ldapsearch -x -h cream-40.pd.infn.it -p 2170 -b mds-vo-name=resource,o=grid

Output is here

Checked the Glue 2.0 root entry:

ldapsearch -x -h cream-40.pd.infn.it -p 2170 -b o=glue

Output is here

Information content check:

$ gstat-validate-ce -H cream-40.pd.infn.it -p 2170 -b o=grid
OK - errors 0, warnings 0, info 0

Checked bugs

  • Bug #54755: Could YAIM warn if a site tries to enable whole-VO FQANs? FIXED
    • Define a VO with the character "/" as a prefix in the variables [queue]_GROUP_ENABLE of the site-info.def
    • Run the YAIM configurator and verify that in the output the following warning appears: "Queue [vo name] was enabled for one or more FQANs which specify an entire VO"

  • Bug #61396: CREAM and CEMon log4j.properties should take into account the value of GLITE_LOCATION_LOG FIXED
    • Specify the variable GLITE_LOCATION_LOG in the YAIM configuration (file services-glite-creamce), even with an nonexistent path, and reconfigure with YAIM.
    • Verify that the new path is correctly created and the log files for CREAM and CEMon are written in the new location

  • Bug #62078: Missing glite-pbsparser.log file on standalone Torque-Server FIXED
    • Act as for bug #61396 and verify that the log file glite-pbsparser.log is correctly written inside the new location

  • Bug #63007: CREAM sandbox dir should be relocatable FIXED
    • Define the variable CREAM_SANDBOX_PATH in the file services/glite-creamce
    • Reconfigure with YAIM, submit a job and verify that the sandbox of that job is placed into the new sandbox path

  • Bug #63956: config_cream_gip may use wrong VO FIXED
    • patch verified by the submitter

  • Bug #68225: In some cases the sudoers file created by yaim-cream-ce can be syntactically wrong FIXED
    • Consider a VO whose name contains a '-' character
    • Run the YAIM configurator and verify that the VO is filtered and does not appear in the sudoers file.

  • Bug #69785: Use #include to modify /etc/sudoer for CREAM with sudo >= 1.7.1 FIXED
    • With sudo version >= 1.7.1 installed, reconfigure with YAIM
    • Verify that all CREAM directives are written into the file /etc/sudoers.forcream
    • Update from glite-CREAM version < 3.2.8, reconfigure with YAIM
    • Verify that the CREAM directives have been moved from the original /etc/sudoers file into the new /etc/sudoers.forcream

  • Bug #70285: it should be possible to tell bhist and tracejob how many logs to read FIXED
    • Submit a bunch of jobs so that all the slots of the CE are busy for more than 24 hours, for example given 200 slots use the following test:
      cream-test-monitored-submit -r 30 -n 200 -m 200 -C 50 -j long.jdl -R [ce-resource-url]
      , where the jdl file contains:
    • Submit a new bunch of jobs so that they will be enqueued for more than 24 hours
    • Verify that all the jobs terminate correctly and that all the status changes are correctly logged into the Bnotifier log.

  • Bug #70287: Problem with AssignFinalState if state is IDLE FIXED
    • Define a value short enough for the parameter "alldone_interval" in the blah.config file, for example 1200 seconds.
    • Submit a bunch of jobs so that all the slots of the CE are busy for more than 1200 seconds, for example given 200 slots use the following test:
      cream-test-monitored-submit -r 30 -n 200 -m 200 -C 50 -j long.jdl -R [ce-resource-url]
      , where the jdl file contains:
    • Submit a new bunch of jobs whose idle time and effective processing time are larger than 1200 seconds.
    • Verify that all the jobs terminate correctly and that all the status changes are correctly logged into the Bnotifier log.

  • Bug #70808: PBS submission script creates wrong stagein/stageout directives with qsub's -W option FIXED
    • Save a backup of the BLAH submit wrapper, replacing the statement "rm -f $bls_tmp_file" with "cp $bls_tmp_file /tmp" in the script ${GLITE_LOCATION}/bin/blah_common_submit_functions.sh
    • Submit a job and verify that the -W directive, as specified in the BLAH submit wrapper, contains a list of item "stagein=" and "stageout="
    • Verify that all the file specified in the stagein or in the stageout directives are correctly moved between the CREAM and the worker node.

  • Bug #71038: CE certificate publication error FIXED
    • Use a host certificate whose subject DN contains at least one blank character
    • Run the YAIM configurator and verify that the attribute GlueServiceDataValue of the item
      GlueServiceDataKey=DN,GlueServiceUniqueID=[unique ID for the CE],Mds-Vo-name=resource,o=grid
      contains the complete DN

  • Bug #71055: LL_ and IL_ PIDFILE added more times in /opt/glite/etc/lb.conf FIXED
    • Run more times the YAIM configurator and verify that the file /opt/glite/etc/lb.conf does not change.

  • Bug #71967: There should be in blah the option to set the temporary job work dir FIXED
    • Define the value of blah_wn_temporary_home_dir in the file ${GLITE_LOCATION}/etc/blah.config pointing to '/tmp'
    • Restart all gLite services on the node.
    • Submit the following jdl:
      and verify that the file out-pwd.txt contains something like "/tmp/home_creXX_YYYYYYYYY/CREAMYYYYYYYYY

  • Bug #72097: cream-config.xml and cemonitor-config.xml should use GLITE_LOCATION_LOG and GLITE_LOCATION_VAR FIXED
    • Define the variables GLITE_LOCATION_VAR=[new var directory] and CREAM_SANDBOX_PATH=[new sandbox dir] in the file services/glite-creamce
    • Run the YAIM configurator and verify that the new var directory is specified into the following attributes:
      • cream-config.xml: cream_scratch_dir, cream_sandbox_dir, delegation_storage, CREAM_SANDBOX_DIR, JOBS_SCRATCH_DIR
      • cemonitor-config.xml: backendLocation

  • Bug #72508: variable CREAM_DB_PASSWORD missed in services/glite-creamce FIXED
    • Verify that the file ${GLITE_LOCATION}/yaim/examples/siteinfo/services/glite-creamce contains the variable CREAM_DB_PASSWORD

  • Bug #72756: glite-ce-blahparser missed in gLiteservices FIXED
    • Stop all the gLite service on the CE
    • Remove the script glite-ce-blahparser from the gLiteservices list
    • Reconfigure with YAIM and verify that the glite-ce-blahparser has been re-inserted into the list

  • Bug #73765: Performance problems with CREAM proxy renewal FIXED
    • Run the following test:
      cream-test-monitored-submit -r 30 -n 1000 -m 200 -C 50 -l log4py.conf --nopurge --sotimeout 60 -j 15m.jdl -R [ce-url]
      where the file 15m.jdl contains:
      [ executable="/bin/sleep"; arguments="900";]
    • Run a proxy renewal every 5 minutes specifying the delegation id as reported in log4py.conf
    • Keep the value of pending commands monitored, using the following script:
      for ((idx=0; idx < 240; idx++)); do /opt/glite/bin/glite_cream_load_monitor --show | grep pending; sleep 30; done
    • Verify that all the renewal requests are correctly processed and the number of pending commands does not increase

  • Bug #73961: /tmp of CREAM CE full of glexec* proxies FIXED
    • Submit a job and verifiy that no proxy has been created in the temporary directory /tmp

  • Bug #74107: ClientJobId missing in BNotifier classad output FIXED
    • Stop all gLite services on the CREAM node and run only the BNotifier/BUpdater (/opt/glite/etc/glite-ce-blahparser start)
    • Contact the BNotifier daemon via telnet and send the following set of commands:
      • "[blah_prefix]" is the value of the parameter BLAH_JOBID_PREFIX of the cream configuration file
      • "[client_job_id]" is random 9-digits number so that the value "[blah_prefix][client_job_id]" is not contained into the BNotifier registry, this can be verified using the following command:
        strings $GLITE_LOCATION/var/blah/user_blah_job_registry.bjr/registry | grep [blah_prefix][client_job_id]
    • Verify that the classad returned by the BNotifier contains the parameter "ClientJobId"
    • Close the connection with BNotifier and restart all gLite services on the node

Clean installation

  • Installation steps:
    wget http://etics-repository.cern.ch/repository/pm/registered/repomd/name/patch_4415_2/etics-registered-build-by-name.repo -O /etc/yum.repos.d/glite-CREAM.repo
    yum install xml-commons-apis
    yum install glite-CREAM
    wget http://grid-deployment.web.cern.ch/grid-deployment/glite/repos/3.2/glite-TORQUE_utils.repo -O /etc/yum.repos.d/glite-TORQUE_utils.repo
    wget http://grid-deployment.web.cern.ch/grid-deployment/glite/repos/3.2/glite-TORQUE_server.repo -O /etc/yum.repos.d/glite-TORQUE_server.repo
    yum install glite-TORQUE_utils glite-TORQUE_server
    /opt/glite/yaim/bin/yaim -c -s site-info.def -n creamCE -n TORQUE_server -n TORQUE_utils
  • View the log of yum for a clean installation
  • View the log of yaim for a clean installation (TORQUE is used)

Upgrade from production

  • Upgrade steps:
    wget http://etics-repository.cern.ch/repository/pm/registered/repomd/name/patch_4415_2/etics-registered-build-by-name.repo -O /etc/yum.repos.d/glite-CREAM.repo
    yum update
    /opt/glite/yaim/bin/yaim -c -s site-info.def -n creamCE -n TORQUE_server -n TORQUE_utils
  • View the log of yum for an upgrade
  • View the log of yaim for an upgrade (TORQUE is used)

META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="yum_install_log.txt.gz" attr="" comment="YUM installation log" date="1287497804" name="yum_install_log.txt.gz" path="yum_install_log.txt.gz" size="9530" stream="yum_install_log.txt.gz" tmpFilename="/usr/tmp/CGItemp15201" user="PaoloAndreetto" version="2"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="yaim_install_log.txt.gz" attr="" comment="YAIM installation log" date="1287497873" name="yaim_install_log.txt.gz" path="yaim_install_log.txt.gz" size="20204" stream="yaim_install_log.txt.gz" tmpFilename="/usr/tmp/CGItemp15461" user="PaoloAndreetto" version="2"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="yum_update_log.txt.gz" attr="" comment="YUM update log" date="1287497830" name="yum_update_log.txt.gz" path="yum_update_log.txt.gz" size="989" stream="yum_update_log.txt.gz" tmpFilename="/usr/tmp/CGItemp15050" user="PaoloAndreetto" version="2"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="yaim_update_log.txt.gz" attr="" comment="YAIM update log" date="1287497893" name="yaim_update_log.txt.gz" path="yaim_update_log.txt.gz" size="16753" stream="yaim_update_log.txt.gz" tmpFilename="/usr/tmp/CGItemp15121" user="PaoloAndreetto" version="2"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="infotest1.txt" attr="" comment="infotest1" date="1287993124" name="infotest1.txt" path="infotest1.txt" size="780" stream="infotest1.txt" tmpFilename="/usr/tmp/CGItemp15310" user="PaoloAndreetto" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="infotest2.txt" attr="" comment="infotest2" date="1287993141" name="infotest2.txt" path="infotest2.txt" size="65649" stream="infotest2.txt" tmpFilename="/usr/tmp/CGItemp10998" user="PaoloAndreetto" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="infotest3.txt" attr="" comment="infotest3" date="1287993164" name="infotest3.txt" path="infotest3.txt" size="7059" stream="infotest3.txt" tmpFilename="/usr/tmp/CGItemp10918" user="PaoloAndreetto" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="reports_patch_4415.tar.gz" attr="" comment="Testsuite reports for patch 4415" date="1288250406" name="reports_patch_4415.tar.gz" path="reports_patch_4415.tar.gz" size="270127" stream="reports_patch_4415.tar.gz" tmpFilename="/usr/tmp/CGItemp10758" user="PaoloAndreetto" version="1"
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