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CREAM Test work plan

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Hints for test tuning

  • Due to unavoidable delays in the command scheduling, the life-time of the job submitted with the cream-test-notified-cancel has to be at least 3 times longer than the rate parameter. With shorter life-time the job can terminate before the testsuite is able to detect the change of its status.
  • In order to test the internal proxy renewal mechanism of the CREAM service it's strongly suggested to run at least one test with notifications and proxy renewal all alone, with no other tests running on the same CE.
  • It is strongly suggested to configure the socket timeout according to the latency of the network using the "--sotimeout" option (available since version 1.0.5)

Proposed test plan

The set of tests described in this section is used for the pre-certification of the latest version of the CREAM CE and can be considered a template for external testers. In the following the CREAM CE under test is cream-12.pd.infn.it (port 8443) with Torque as batch system and cream_A as assigned queue, the hostname and port must be replaced with the correct values according to the arrangement of the testbed; the VO dteam is used.
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