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In the main CVS trunk (HEAD) some components have been restructured, in part following the recommendations produced during the dependency challenge, in part following internal code reviews. Some components are instead inherited from the 3.1 branch.
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org.glite.wms.ii-purchaser Salvatore Monforte
org.glite.wms.broker Salvatore Monforte
org.glite.wms.purger Salvatore Monforte
org.glite.wms.manager Marco Cecchi
org.glite.wms.manager Marco Cecchi, Salvatore Monforte
org.glite.wms.jobsubmission Alessio Gianelle
org.glite.wms.thirdparty-bypass Massimo Mezzadri
org.glite.wms.brokerinfo-access Massimo Mezzadri
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