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Check Bugs:

  • BUG #12578: "Error message mentions certificate when it means proxy" FIXED
Line: 99 to 99
  • BUG #57473: "Email and emailAddress in LSC files not equivalent" FIXED
  • BUG #58515: "The VOMS Java APIs fail when email is present in the server certificate" FIXED
  • BUG #60394: "VOMS: memory leak in fs.c:fileoutputter()"
  • BUG #60394: "VOMS: memory leak in fs.c:fileoutputter()"FIXED
    • tested submittting a thread of 100000 voms-proxy-init in sequentially
  • BUG #60908: "VOMS Java API: VOMSTrustManager.getAcceptedIssuers() is completely wrong!" FIXED in the source code
  • BUG #60912: "VOMS Java API: not possible to create a VOMSTrustManager without the /etc/grid-security/certificates directory" FIXED in the source CODE
  • BUG #63714: "Add support for Issuing Distribution Point CRL extension to the Java APIs" FIXED see GGUS ticket
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