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Certification report patch 3407

Author: Elisabetta Molinari elisabetta.molinari@mi.infn.it

Line: 132 to 132
    • Dump the old database on the old VOMS server and transfer the file to the new node as in the following:
       mysqldump -h <OLD_HOSTNAME> -u <USER> -p --databases <DB_NAME> > <DUMP_FILE>
    • Use the database dump on the new machine to create the new database as in the following:
      mysql -h <NEW_HOSTNAME> -u <PRIV_USER> -p < <DUMP_FILE>
    • make sure the mysql db on the new machine accepts external connections by doing the following for ex.:
      grant all on *.* to 'root'@'voms-rd02-21.cnaf.infn.it' identified by 'admin';
    • for each VO database you want to upgrade launch the following:
      /opt/glite/sbin/voms-admin-configure --vo <VO_NAME> --dbhost <remote_host_name> upgrade

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