Difference: VomsTestsP3407 (30 vs. 31)

Revision 312010-03-23 - ElisabettaMolinari

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Certification report patch 3407

Author: Elisabetta Molinari elisabetta.molinari@mi.infn.it

Line: 139 to 139
 - launch yaim configuration after setting yaim variable VOMS_DB_DEPLOY to 'false' in the siteinfo.def or the services/glite-voms file - re-start tomcat - launch upgrade VO, for each VO as in the following: /opt/glite/sbin/voms-admin-configure upgrade --vo=sa3test
- re-start voms server and voms-admin
 - register the VOMS host identity as a default admin -->/opt/glite/sbin/voms-db-deploy.py add-admin --vo sa3test --cert /etc/grid-security/hostcert.pem here's an upgrade log
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