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Revision 32010-04-30 - ElisabettaMolinari

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Certification report patch 4010

Author: Elisabetta Molinari elisabetta.molinari@mi.infn.it

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Automatic tests

  • voms-admin automatic testing
    • here's a result of the command: './myCheck-VOMS -n voms-rd02-21.cnaf.infn.it -l test-sequence.lst.voms-admin'
      Test VOMS-addMember   - OK
      Test VOMS-assignRole   - OK
      Test VOMS-crAttribute   - OK
      Test VOMS-crGroup   - OK
      Test VOMS-crRole   - OK
      Test VOMS-crUser   - OK
      Test VOMS-crUserNocert   - OK
      Test VOMS-delAttribute   - OK
      Test VOMS-delGroup   - OK
      Test VOMS-delGroupAttribute   - OK
      Test VOMS-delRole   - OK
      Test VOMS-delRoleAttribute   - OK
      Test VOMS-delUser   - OK
      Test VOMS-delUserAttribute   - OK
      Test VOMS-dismissRole   - OK
      Test VOMS-listAttributes   - OK
      Test VOMS-listGroupAttributes   - OK
      Test VOMS-listGroups   - OK
      Test VOMS-listMembers   - OK
      Test VOMS-listRoleAttributes   - OK
      Test VOMS-listRoles   - OK
      Test VOMS-listSubGroups   - OK
      Test VOMS-listUserAttributes   - OK
      Test VOMS-listUserGroups   - OK
      Test VOMS-listUserRoles   - OK
      Test VOMS-listUsers   - OK
      Test VOMS-listUsrWithRol   - OK
      Test VOMS-removeMember   - OK
      Test VOMS-setGroupAttribute   - OK
      Test VOMS-setRoleAttribute   - OK
      Test VOMS-setUserAttribute   - OK
      here's the full result report
  • voms-core automatic testing
    • here's a result of the command: './myCheck-VOMS -n voms-rd02-21.cnaf.infn.it -l test-sequence.lst.voms-core':
      Test VOMS-pr-attr   - OK
      Test VOMS-pr-bits   - OK
      Test VOMS-pr-cert   - OK
      Test VOMS-pr-conf   - OK
      Test VOMS-pr-dbg   - OK
      Test VOMS-pr-genattr   - OK
      Test VOMS-pr-hlp   - OK
      Test VOMS-pr-hours   - OK
      Test VOMS-pr-ign   - OK
      Test VOMS-pr-key   - OK
      Test VOMS-pr-limit   - OK
      Test VOMS-pr-list   - OK
      Test VOMS-pr-noreg   - OK
      Test VOMS-pr-order   - OK
      Test VOMS-pr-out   - OK
      Test VOMS-pr-pver   - OK
      Test VOMS-pr-pwst   - OK
      Test VOMS-pr-quiet   - OK
      Test VOMS-pr-RoleOrder   - OK
      Test VOMS-pr-usg   - OK
      Test VOMS-pr-valid   - OK
      Test VOMS-pr-verify   - OK
      Test VOMS-pr-vers   - OK
      Test VOMS-pr-vlf   - OK
      Test VOMS-pr-vomses   - OK
      Test VOMS-pr-warn   - OK
      here's the full result report

Clean installation

Upgrade from production

  • Since this is the first release of VOMS for SL5, only the upgrade of the oracle backend has been tested. Following the basic steps of a sample upgrade:
    - synchronize yaim conf files from the old machine with the new one, i.e. make sure username and password for the VO databases are the same 
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META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="voms_upgradeOracle_log.gz" attr="" comment="" date="1272621652" name="voms_upgradeOracle_log.gz" path="voms_upgradeOracle_log.gz" size="1818" stream="voms_upgradeOracle_log.gz" tmpFilename="/usr/tmp/CGItemp5403" user="ElisabettaMolinari" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="full_result.gz" attr="" comment="" date="1272632119" name="full_result.gz" path="full_result.gz" size="4141" stream="full_result.gz" tmpFilename="/usr/tmp/CGItemp8872" user="ElisabettaMolinari" version="2"
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