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The WMS configuration file

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if the ISM dump is enabled, the dump, in ClassAd format, will be written to this file. In order to avoid file corruptions, the contents of a dump are built in a temporary file, whose name is the same value of this parameter with the prefix ".tmp|, which only at the end of the operation is renamed to the specified file ("${GLITE_WMS_TMP}/workload_manager/ismdump.fl" - but it's not in filelist format!)
the period between two ISM purchases from the BDII, in seconds (240)
the period between two ISM purchases from RGMA, in seconds (120)
(def=true) The new WM core processes each computation/request in a thread pool (WorkerThreads being the number)
(def=true) All the threads releated to the ISM management are taken from the thread pool (false) or created separately (false)
the period between two updates of the ISM, in seconds. Note that conceptually purchasing just retrieves the list of available resources, wheres an ISM update gathers the resource information for each resource. The default value is too short (50)
the job wrapper sent to the CE and then executed on Worker Node is based on a bash template which is augmented by the WM with job-specific information. This is the location where all the templates - one at the moment - are stored ("${GLITE_WMS_LOCATION}/etc/templates")
the name of the file where messages are logged
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