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  • deep resubmission
Success if job fails with the expected reason


Test parametric job.

  • Test integer version of Parameters
  • Test integer version of Parameters changing 'start' and 'step' values
  • Test list version of Parameters
For these three tests job is only register and the produced jdl is checked.

  • Test submission and check the output
  • Test submission using a list as parameters
Success means that job finished with Done Success, that the required produced output files are correctly retrieved and that they are as expected.

Known issues:

  • bug #79027 ParameterStart must be equal to 0
  • bug #79144 NodesCollocation is not support
  • bug #79165 Parameters list must be composed by strings
  • bug #79308 parameters should not be negative (SegFault)


Regression tests

Location: http://glite.cvs.cern.ch/cgi-bin/glite.cgi/org.glite.testsuites.ctb/WMS/regression/

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Releases and Changelog

  • 2011-03-11 (Ale) Added WMS-job-parametric.sh test
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