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The Workload Management System Admin Guide


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 This directory on a heavly used WMS can become quite big, on the order of tens of GB. Old rotated log files should be manually removed. Following the default log files that can be found on a typical WMS:
  • wmproxy.log Used in case of authentication or submisison error
  • wmproxy.log Used in case of authentication or submission error
  • workload_manager_events.log Used to check the status of the matchmaking process (from Waiting to Ready status) and the query to the information system to fill in the InformationSuperMarket
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  • II_timeout: default by yaim is set to 30, increase it for low-memory machines. 4 GB is the minimum suggested for memory
  • MatchRetryPeriod: once a job becomes pending, meaning that there are no resources available, this parameter represents the period between successive match-making attempts, in seconds. The default value is '1000', in order to decrease the number of periodic retries of unmatched jobs the value of this parameter should be increased. A suggested value (used on several production wms) is several hours, '14400'
  • RuntimeMalloc: in the WM section, allows to use an alternative malloc library (i.e. nedmalloc, google performance tools and many more), run-time redirecting with LD_PRELOAD. Possible values are, for example, RuntimeMalloc? = "/usr/lib/libtcmalloc_minimal.so" if you use Google malloc.

Select only specific VO resources

Sometimes it could be usefull forcing the WMS to select only resources specific to given VO. This would obviously reduce the matchmaking time and can be achieved providing an additional ldap clause which will be added in the search filter at purchasing time. The default search filter used is:
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