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Check bugs:

  • Bugs #39807: In some circumstances, jobs which are killed by CREAM job wrapper might remain in ICE cache forever

  • Bugs #42018: Missing exit on very severe error HOPEFULLY FIXED
    • Changes inside the code.

  • Bugs #42081: Exception not catched in ICE HOPEFULLY FIXED
    • Changes inside the code.

  • Bugs #42141: Calling the FileList::get_size() method should be mutex protected HOPEFULLY FIXED
    • Changes inside the code.

  • Bugs #44604: A bad handling of delegations slow down dramatically the submission rate of ICE HOPEFULLY FIXED
    • Show tests below.

  • Bugs #46116: MaxOutputSandboxSize value not sent to CREAM by ICE FIXED
    • Set the parameter MaxOutputSandboxSize? in the WorkloadManager? section of the configuration file /opt/glite/etc/glite_wms.conf on the WMS to 100 and restart the workload manager.
    • Submit to a cream CE a jdl like this:
      Type = "Job";
      Executable = "27215_exe.sh";
      Arguments = "70";
      StdOutput = "test.out";
      StdError = "test.err";
      InputSandbox = {"27215_exe.sh"};
      OutputSandbox = {"test.err","test.out","out2", "out1"};
      usertags = [ bug = "27215" ];
      where 27215_exe.sh contains
      while [ $i -lt $MAX ]; do
                      echo -n "1" >> out1
                      echo -n "2" >> out2
          i=$[$i + 1]
    • Take the CreamJobID from the "Transfer Event" logged by the "LogMonitor" (i.e. The field Dest jobid)
    • Using the command of the client of the CE look inside the JDL sent to the ce: glite-ce-job-status -L 2 <CreamJobID>; you should find this parameter: maxOutputSandboxSize = 1.000000000000000E+02;
    • Due to a bug in CREAM the output files are not truncated as expected.

  • Bugs #47389: There's a mem leak in ICE that raises in some very rare circumstances HOPEFULLY FIXED
    • Not easy to reproduce

  • Bugs #47509: ICE must be modified in order to be compliant with modification to CEMon C++ API FIXED
    • Verify if the subscription of ICE to the CE works well (you need to look inside the log file of ICE)



12) Test starts on Feb 24 at 10:29:07 (WMS: wms007)

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