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    • Send cancel on some children nodes
    • The wm keeps running happily smile
  • BUGs #44761, #44762: HOPEFULLY FIXED
    • It is very difficult to replicate these bugs, you can try submitting a lot of collections setting short expire and matchmaking periods (i.e. ExpiryPeriod and MatchRetryPeriod) in the configuration file and then restarting some times the workload manager on the WMS to trigger the recovery mechanism.
  • BUG #44763: FIXED
    • Submit a collection with an expired time (i.e. ExpiryTime=
    • The collection and all its nodes should be Aborted with reason "request expired"
  • BUG #45391: FIXED
    • Submit a collection with at least a node that doesn't match (e.g. put requirements=false)
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