Difference: WmsTestsP3621 (21 vs. 22)

Revision 222010-03-12 - AlessioGianelle

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Certification report patch 3621

Author(s): Elisabetta Molinari & Alessio Gianelle

Line: 98 to 98
    • stopped gLite services
    • deleted the jobdir under '/var/glite/workload_manager'
    • re-started the LM service checking that the jobdir gets recreated
  • Bug #53460: [ICE] Detection of job status changes for CREAM jobs should be improved
  • Bug #55452: CMS production struck by waves of "Globus error 10: data transfer to the server failed"
  • Bug #61405: Missing proxy validity evaluation in ICE
  • Bug #56636: [ICE] statistics counters for monitoring

  • Bug #57295: [ICE] queryDb tool may create empty DB as root

  • Bug #57579: [ICE] Occasionally the ICE's start/stop script doesn't kill the ICE process

  • Bug #57596: [ICE] non resubmission if job failed for proxy expiration

  • Bug #58387: [ICE] should log a job aborted when it cannot resubmit the job for missing user proxy

  • Bug #58977: [ICE] Wrong database colum name in ICE SQL query

  • Bug #59240: [ICE] abort reasons not always printed in its logfile

  • Bug #59399: [ICE] doesn't correctly handle request in jobdir/old when it is restarted

  • Bug #59453: [ICE] polling needs to be improved

  • Bug #60688: [ICE] does not respect LB server/proxy selection through the LBproxy attribute

  • Bug #61312: [ICE] Error in handling user dn in ICE's poller

  • Bug #61405: [ICE] Missing proxy validity evaluation in ICE

  • Bug #61413: [ICE] should not call EventQuery for a userDN if he/she doesn't have active jobs

  • Bug #61748: [ICE] EventQuery/Polling must be done also to blacklisted CE

  • Bug #63989: [ICE] doesn't handle exception raised by jobDir::new_entries()
  -- AlessioGianelle - 2010-02-05
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