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Devel15 Work Log


2011-05-06 (Ale)

  • Update to UI EMI 1
     emi-ui                                        noarch                 1.0.0-0.sl5                        EMI-1-RC4                   3.2 k
     glite-data-hydra-cli                          x86_64                 3.2.1-6.sl5                        EMI-1-RC4                   294 k
     python26-dpm                                  x86_64                 1.8.1-1sec.sl5                     EMI-1-RC4                   596 k
     python26-lfc                                  x86_64                 1.8.1-1sec.sl5                     EMI-1-RC4                   1.0 M
     voms                                          x86_64                 2.0.2-1.sl5                        EMI-1-RC4                   164 k
     SAGA.lsu-cpp.engine                           x86_64                 1.3.3-4.sl5                        EMI-1-RC4                    55 M
     editline                                      x86_64                 2.9-1.sl5                          EMI-1-RC4                   270 k
     emi-delegation-java                           noarch                 2.1.1-1.sl5                        EMI-1-RC4                    95 k
     emi-version                                   x86_64                 1.0.0-1.sl5                        EMI-1-RC4                   1.9 k
     emi.amga.amga-cli                             x86_64                 2.1.2-1.sl5                        EMI-1-RC4                   404 k
     emi.saga-adapter.isn-common                   noarch                 1.0.1-2.sl5                        EMI-1-RC4                    17 k
     emi.saga-adapter.isn-cpp                      x86_64                 1.0.2-1.sl5                        EMI-1-RC4                   860 k
     glite-ce-cream-cli                            x86_64                 1.13.2-3.sl5                       EMI-1-RC4                   2.5 M
     glite-ce-cream-client-api-c                   x86_64                 1.13.2-3.sl5                       EMI-1-RC4                   1.1 M
     glite-ce-monitor-client-api-c                 x86_64                 1.13.1-4.sl5                       EMI-1-RC4                   1.7 M
     glite-data-catalog-interface                  noarch                 2.0.0-8.sl5                        EMI-1-RC4                    29 k
     glite-jdl-api-cpp                             x86_64                 3.2.5-3.sl5                        EMI-1-RC4                   2.1 M
     glite-wms-brokerinfo-access                   x86_64                 3.3.2-3.sl5                        EMI-1-RC4                    62 k
     glite-wms-ui-api-python                       x86_64                 3.3.3-3.sl5                        EMI-1-RC4                   984 k
     glite-wms-ui-commands                         x86_64                 3.3.3-3.sl5                        EMI-1-RC4                   1.8 M
     glite-wms-ui-configuration                    x86_64                 3.3.2-3.sl5                        EMI-1-RC4                   4.7 k
     glite-wms-wmproxy-api-cpp                     x86_64                 3.3.3-3.sl5                        EMI-1-RC4                   522 k
     glite-wms-wmproxy-api-java                    noarch                 3.3.3-3.sl5                        EMI-1-RC4                   238 k
     glite-wms-wmproxy-api-python                  x86_64                 3.3.3-3.sl5                        EMI-1-RC4                    57 k
     voms-compat                                   x86_64                            EMI-1-RC4                   417 k
     voms-devel                                    x86_64                 2.0.0-1.sl5                        EMI-1-RC4                    18 k

2011-04-20 (Ale)

  • Installed from scratch a UI EMI RC4

2011-03-23 (Ale)

  • Update kernel
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