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Batch System:

  • LSF
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cream-wn-005 SL4, WN with LSF CREAM2 pre-cert
cream-wn-006 SL4, WN with LSF CREAM2 pre-cert

2009-04-22 (Ale)

  • Installing:
     kernel                  i686       2.6.9-89.33.1.EL  sl-errata          13 M
     kernel-module-ipw3945-2.6.9-89.33.1.EL  i686       1.1.0-1.SL4      sl-errata         638 k
     kernel-module-ipw3945-2.6.9-89.33.1.ELsmp  i686       1.1.0-1.SL4      sl-errata         633 k
     kernel-smp              i686       2.6.9-89.33.1.EL  sl-errata          12 M
     kernel-smp-devel        i686       2.6.9-89.33.1.EL  sl-errata         4.1 M
     bzip2                   i386       1.0.2-16.el4_8   sl-errata          48 k
     bzip2-devel             i386       1.0.2-16.el4_8   sl-errata          36 k
     bzip2-libs              i386       1.0.2-16.el4_8   sl-errata          34 k
     cups                    i386       1:1.1.22-0.rc1.9.32.el4_8.10  sl-errata         1.5 M
     cups-libs               i386       1:1.1.22-0.rc1.9.32.el4_8.10  sl-errata         115 k
     freetype                i386       2.1.9-17.el4_8.1  sl-errata         767 k
     glite-CREAM             i386       3.1.26-0.slc4    glite-CREAM       4.8 k
     glite-ce-blahp          i386       1.14.2-4.slc4    glite-CREAM       1.2 M
     glite-ce-ce-plugin      noarch     1.12.1-17        glite-CREAM        17 k
     glite-ce-cream          noarch     1.12.2-2         glite-CREAM       5.2 M
     glite-ce-cream-utils    i386       1.0.0-16.slc4    glite-CREAM        15 k
     glite-ce-job-plugin     noarch     1.12.1-17        glite-CREAM        25 k
     glite-ce-monitor        noarch     1.12.2-2         glite-CREAM       4.1 M
     glite-security-trustmanager  noarch     2.5.5-2_GL31Special  glite-CREAM       5.4 M
     glite-security-util-java  noarch     2.8.0-1          glite-CREAM       325 k
     glite-yaim-cream-ce     noarch     4.1.0-11         glite-CREAM        27 k
     java-1.6.0-sun-compat   i586  sl-errata          49 k
     jdk                     i586       2000:1.6.0_22-fcs  sl-errata          67 M
     krb5-devel              i386       1.3.4-62.el4_8.3  sl-errata         827 k
     krb5-libs               i386       1.3.4-62.el4_8.3  sl-errata         488 k
     krb5-workstation        i386       1.3.4-62.el4_8.3  sl-errata         828 k
     lcg-CA                  noarch     1.37-1           CAs               2.0 k
     libpng                  i386       2:1.2.7-3.el4_8.3  sl-errata         155 k
     libtiff                 i386       3.6.1-12.el4_8.5  sl-errata         256 k
     mysql                   i386       4.1.22-2.el4_8.4  sl-errata         3.1 M
     mysql-server            i386       4.1.22-2.el4_8.4  sl-errata         9.9 M
     openldap                i386       2.2.13-12.el4_8.3  sl-errata         238 k
     openldap-clients        i386       2.2.13-12.el4_8.3  sl-errata         121 k
     openldap-devel          i386       2.2.13-12.el4_8.3  sl-errata         1.3 M
     openldap-servers        i386       2.2.13-12.el4_8.3  sl-errata         3.2 M
     openssl                 i686       0.9.7a-43.17.el4_8.6  sl-errata         1.1 M
     openssl-devel           i386       0.9.7a-43.17.el4_8.6  sl-errata         1.6 M
     perl                    i386       3:5.8.5-53.el4   sl-errata          12 M
     popt                    i386       1.9.1-33_nonptl.el4_8.1  sl-errata          62 k
     rpm                     i386       4.3.3-33_nonptl.el4_8.1  sl-errata         653 k
     rpm-build               i386       4.3.3-33_nonptl.el4_8.1  sl-errata         458 k
     rpm-devel               i386       4.3.3-33_nonptl.el4_8.1  sl-errata         3.2 M
     rpm-libs                i386       4.3.3-33_nonptl.el4_8.1  sl-errata         784 k
     rpm-python              i386       4.3.3-33_nonptl.el4_8.1  sl-errata          82 k
     tzdata                  noarch     2010l-1.el4      sl-errata         474 k
    Installing for dependencies:
     ca_AddTrust-External-CA-Root  noarch     1.37-1           CAs               4.9 k
     ca_TERENA-eScience-SSL-CA  noarch     1.37-1           CAs               4.9 k
     ca_UTN-USERFirst-Hardware  noarch     1.37-1           CAs               4.8 k

2009-04-22 (Paolo)

  • Updating:
    glite-ce-blahp i386 1.12.3-6.slc4 Cream-PreCert
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