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cream-22 Work Log

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Work Nodes:


2011-09-01 (Ale)

 kernel                                           x86_64                    2.6.18-238.19.1.el5                       sl-security                       19 M
 kernel-xen                                       x86_64                    2.6.18-238.19.1.el5                       sl-security                       20 M
 kernel-xen-devel                                 x86_64                    2.6.18-238.19.1.el5                       sl-security                      5.5 M
 bash                                             x86_64                    3.2-32.el5                                sl-security                      1.8 M
 bdii                                             noarch                    5.2.5-2                                   EMI-1-updates                     21 k
 c-ares                                           x86_64                    1.6.0-5.el5                               sl-security                       49 k
 dbus                                             x86_64                    1.1.2-16.el5_7                            sl-security                      234 k
 dbus-libs                                        i386                      1.1.2-16.el5_7                            sl-security                      124 k
 dbus-libs                                        x86_64                    1.1.2-16.el5_7                            sl-security                      123 k
 dhclient                                         x86_64                    12:3.0.5-29.el5_7.1                       sl-security                      286 k
 emi-release                                      noarch                    1.0.1-1.sl5                               EMI-1-updates                    4.9 k
 emi-trustmanager                                 noarch                    3.0.5-1.sl5                               EMI-1-updates                    276 k
 emi-version                                      x86_64                    1.2.0-1.sl5                               EMI-1-updates                    2.0 k
 glite-ce-cream                                   noarch                    1.13.3-1.sl5                              EMI-1-updates                    5.7 M
 glite-ce-monitor                                 noarch                    1.13.3-1.sl5                              EMI-1-updates                    5.1 M
 glite-info-provider-service                      noarch                    1.7.0-1.el5                               EMI-1-updates                     53 k
 glite-yaim-bdii                                  noarch                    4.3.4-1.el5                               EMI-1-updates                     10 k
 glite-yaim-core                                  noarch                    5.0.2-1.sl5                               EMI-1-base                       116 k
 globus-ftp-control                               x86_64                    2.12-2.el5                                epel                              67 k
 globus-gridftp-server                            x86_64                    3.33-1.el5                                epel                             119 k
 globus-gridftp-server-control                    x86_64                    0.46-1.el5                                epel                              59 k
 globus-gridftp-server-progs                      x86_64                    3.33-1.el5                                epel                              40 k
 globus-gsi-sysconfig                             x86_64                    3.2-1.el5                                 epel                              28 k
 globus-gss-assist                                x86_64                    5.10-1.el5                                epel                              31 k
 globus-gssapi-error                              x86_64                    2.5-8.el5                                 epel                              13 k
 globus-gssapi-gsi                                x86_64                    7.8-1.el5                                 epel                              55 k
 globus-proxy-utils                               x86_64                    3.10-1.el5                                epel                              45 k
 glue-schema                                      noarch                    2.0.8-1.el5                               EMI-1-updates                     33 k
 gridsite-shared                                  x86_64                    1.7.15-2.sl5                              EMI-1-updates                    131 k
 kernel-headers                                   x86_64                    2.6.18-238.19.1.el5                       sl-security                      1.2 M
 libXfont                                         x86_64                    1.2.2-1.0.4.el5_7                         sl-security                      245 k
 libpng                                           x86_64                    2:1.2.10-7.1.el5_7.5                      sl-security                      235 k
 selinux-policy                                   noarch                    2.4.6-316.el5                             sl-security                      420 k
 selinux-policy-targeted                          noarch                    2.4.6-316.el5                             sl-security                      1.3 M
 tzdata                                           x86_64                    2011h-2.el5                               sl-security                      782 k
 tzdata-java                                      x86_64                    2011h-2.el5                               sl-security                      178 k
 xulrunner                                        x86_64                                    sl-security                       11 M

2011-07-08 (Ale)

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