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Workflow Management System

The Workflow Management System (WfMS) project is developed within the CoreGRID european project. The main goal of this project is to provide an effective solution to run complex scientific workflows modeled with Petri Nets taking full advantage of the distributed and etherogeneous nature of the Grid. One of the design principle is the neutrality towards the underlying mechanism for task execution, in order not to compromise interoperability with multiple infrastuctures.
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INFN Cnaf Bologna
Simone Pellegrini, Francesco Giacomini

Main Web Site



Simone Pellegrini, Francesco Giacomini, Antonia Ghiselli: A Practical Approach for a Workflow Management System. In Proceedings of the CoreGRID Workshop 2007, Dresden, 2007.
Simone Pellegrini, Andreas Hoheisel, Francesco Giacomini, Antonia Ghiselli: Using GWorkflowDL for Middleware-Independent Modeling and Enactment of Workflows. Submitted for the CoreGRID Integration Workshop 2008, Crete, 2008.
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