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Site Status Ticket
INFN-BARI problema nell'installazione con StoRM https://ticketing.cnaf.infn.it/checklist-new/modules/xhelp/ticket.php?id=13095
GRISU-COMETA-INAF-CT chiesto aggiornamento: SRM da aggiornare https://ticketing.cnaf.infn.it/checklist-new/modules/xhelp/ticket.php?id=13087
INFN-FRASCATI solo WN https://ticketing.cnaf.infn.it/checklist-new/modules/xhelp/ticket.php?id=13763
INFN-FRASCATI SOLVED https://ticketing.cnaf.infn.it/checklist-new/modules/xhelp/ticket.php?id=13102
INFN-MILANO-ATLASC il CE t2-ce-02 da spegnere https://ticketing.cnaf.infn.it/checklist-new/modules/xhelp/ticket.php?id=13106

WMS glite3.1 has security issues that implies mandatory immediate migration to EMI WMS:

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