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How to use ticketing system

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  • imm-tick-submit.png:
  • ticket submission page:
there are several filed to fill in:
  • Assign to: select the support group to which assign the ticket. By default it is assigned to "Central support" group: you can address to it general questions, or if you are not sure about the right support group to which assign a ticket
  • Priority: the priority of your ticket
  • Subject: put a not-confusing title
  • Description: the details of your problem. Add any information that can help the supporters to debug the problem, like:
    • command used and its output
    • VO used (past the output of "voms-proxy-info --all"
    • site or service contacted
    • middleware version
  • Add file: the attache file filed
  • GGUS ID: ignore it
  • Category: select a category in the menu
  • Force Remote Notification: this field is active when you add a response to a ticket come from GGUS: you can decide whether send your response to GGUS or not
  • Responsible EGEE Support Unit: ignore it

In order to answer to a ticket, click on the "add a response" button:

  • actions section::
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