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BLAH testsuites (regression and functionality) installation, configuration and use

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 The regression testsuite must be run in the same shell where the environment is set.
cd $CREAM_TESTSUITE_HOME pybot tests
  • Run tests for both old and new blparser
pybot bug*
  • Run tests only for old blparser
pybot only_old_parser
  • Run tests only for new blparser
pybot only_new_parser

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BLAH testsuites (regression and functionality) installation, configuration and use


The cream_blah_testsuites is a package including:
  • a cream regression testsuite
  • a blah regression testsuite
  • a blah functionality testsuite covering the BLParser tests described in blah testplan

Testsuites installation


The installation is needed only client-side. It must be done on an emi-ui (EMI1 or EMI2).

Be careful to maintain the installation order below because CREAM functionality testsuite installs all dependencies needed also by cream_blah_testsuite package.

  • Robot framework installation

wget http://robotframework.googlecode.com/files/robotframework-2.7a1.tar.gz
tar -xvf robotframework-2.7a1.tar.gz
cd robotframework-2.7a1
python setup.py install

  • Functionality testsuite installation


wget http://yum.gridctb.uoa.gr/repository/robot_testing.repo -O /etc/yum.repos.d/robot_testing.repo
yum groupinstall cream_testing_group
yum install cream_test

  • CREAM_BLAH testsuite installation

Get here: the file cream_regression_testing.tar containing the cream regression testsuite.

cd <where you want>
cp  cream_regression_testing.tar <where you want>
tar -xvf cream_regression_testing.tar


  • CREAM_BLAH testsuite configuration

vi/gedit cream_regression_testing/regression_env.sh and customize CREAM_TESTSUITE_HOME
source cream_regression_testing/regression_env.sh
vi/gedit ${CREAM_TESTSUITE_HOME}/cream_regression_testing/lib/conf/cream_testsuite_conf.ini and customize it

  • Functionality testsuite configuration. To configure the testsuite you have to customize the file /opt/cream_test/lib/vars.py

BLAH functionality testsuite run:

You must run it on the shell where the environment is set sourcing cream_regression_testing/regression_env.sh

pybot /opt/cream_test/testsuite/cream_test_suite.html

Note: (historically) the test concerning the notifications of suspended/resumed jobs required to suspend jobs in IDLE state. To be sure to satisfy this condition, the tests saturate the batch system sending tot_cpu_num (parameter configured in cream_testsuite_conf.ini, corresponding to the amount od cpus available in the submission cluster) jobs, then submits a job to execute the test and at the end clear all the submitted jobs. To have the tests success the parameter tot_cpu_num must be correctly set.

BLAH regression testsuite run:

The regression testsuite must be run in the same shell where the environment is set.

pybot tests


  • The regression testsuite suffer a lack in packaging. Must be improved

-- SaraBertocco - 2012-06-18

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