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Blah Functionality and regression Test Suite Documentation

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  Be careful to maintain the installation order below because cream functionality testsuite installs all dependencies needed also by blah functionality and cream and blah regression testsuite.
  • Robot framework installation

wget http://robotframework.googlecode.com/files/robotframework-2.7a1.tar.gz
tar -xvf robotframework-2.7a1.tar.gz
cd robotframework-2.7a1
python setup.py install
  • CREAM Functionality testsuite installation


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  • BLAH Functionality and BLAH-CREAM Regression testsuites configuration
vi/gedit cream_blah_testsuites/regression_env.sh and customize CREAM_TESTSUITE_HOME source cream_blah_testsuites/regression_env.sh
cd vi/gedit testsuite_env.sh and customize CREAM_TESTSUITE_HOME source ${CREAM_TESTSUITE_HOME}/regression_env.sh
 vi/gedit ${CREAM_TESTSUITE_HOME}/cream_blah_testsuites/lib/conf/cream_testsuite_conf.ini and customize it
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  • The test check_notifications_for_suspended_resumed_jobs.html is done supposing the jobs are suspended when in IDLE state. To satisfy this hypothesis it is used the configuration parameter "tot_cpu_num" in ${CREAM_TESTSUITE_HOME}/lib/conf/cream_testsuite_conf.ini file
It is the number of jobs submitted to saturate the submission queue in use during the test (queue configured in the same file in "cream_queue" parameter).
  • The /site-info.def and /services/glite-creamce must be editable (it is changed and used for re-configuration during tests.

BLAH Functionality testsuite run:

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