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cert-42.pd.infn.it SL 6. Epel X86_64 CREAM 1.14.1 ..... Yes / Done In use for EMI 2 CREAM 1.14.1 certification   no yes new no
cert-44.cnaf.infn.it SL 5 Epel EMI CREAM PBS 2.0.0   CREAM EMI2
cert-45.cnaf.infn.it SL 6 Epel EMI CREAM PBS 2.0.0   CREAM EMI2
WN SL5x 64bit emi-demo10.cnaf.infn.it Availability Status (Restricted Access)    
WN SL6/64bit emi-demo17.cnaf.infn.it Status GLiteJobManagement  
emi-demo10.cnaf.infn.it SL5x 64bit EMI 1 WN Torque Availability Status (Restricted Access)    
emi-demo17.cnaf.infn.it SL6/64bit WN Status GLiteJobManagement  
cert-46.cnaf.infn.it Debian 6 Epel EMI CREAM PBS 2.0.0 TBD CREAM EMI2
cert-47.cnaf.infn.it SL 6 Epel EMI WN 2.0.0 TBD WN EMI2
cert-48.cnaf.infn.it Debian 6 Epel EMI WN 2.0.0 TBD WN EMI2
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