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CREAM & DGAS Certification HOWTOs

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  • lcg-info-dynamic-software-1.0.5-1 introduce tuti i vecchi bug, te cui 59871)
  • da verificare nel prossimo update (1.14.2) la presenza di lcg-info-dynamic-software >1.0.5-1 e diverso da 1.0.7-2

Preliminary checks befor to run CREAM and BLAH testsuites

  • Check that the right CE (ce to test) is well configured in
    • /opt/cream_test/lib/vars.py
      In this file pay expecially attention to:
      • lfc_host
      • lcg_gfal_infosys they can be empty but the test outputdata fails if they are not configured
    • /opt/cream_blah_testsuites/lib/conf/cream_testsuite_conf.ini
      In this file pay expecially attention to:
      • EMI version
      • tomcat version
      • blparser version and consequent blparser log value
      • number of CPU in the cluster (needed to saturate the batch system in some test of blah)
  • Check if a simple submission is working (you can use an UI command or the testsuite directly):
    pybot -i simple /opt/cream_test/testsuite/cream_test_suite.html
  • Check if the ssh passwordless from UI to CE is well configured. You can do it trying a ssh command or using the testsuite:
    pybot -i ban  /opt/cream_test/testsuite/cream_test_suite.html

CREAM Regression tests notes

  • Using blah_testing and blah regression testsuites pay attention to two things:
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