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Certifying WMS HOWTOS

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 // requirements = other.GlueCEStateStatus == "Production";


In order to test a simple submission, submit a jdl with the following command from a UI (after having created a dteam or testers proxy):
glite-wms-job-submit -a -c wms_XXX.conf ls.jdl

where wms_XXX.conf points to the wms being tested:

WmsClient = [
OutputStorage=  "/tmp";
RetryCount = 0;
WMProxyEndPoints = {"https://XXX.cnaf.infn.it:7443/glite_wms_wmproxy_server"};
rank = -other.GlueCEStateEstimatedResponseTime;

and ls.jdl:

Executable = "ls.sh";
Arguments = "-al";
requirements = RegExp("/cream-", other.GlueCEUniqueID) && other.GlueCEStateStatus == "Testing";
retrycount = 4;
shallowretrycount = 3;
StdError = "stderr.log";
StdOutput = "stdout.log";
InputSandbox = "ls.sh";
OutputSandbox = {"stderr.log", "stdout.log"};

be sure to have ls.sh in the current directory containing:

/bin/ls $1
The command returns the jobid of the job.
Check for the job status via the following command:
glite-wms-job-status _jobid_

where _jobid_ is the jobid returned by the submit command.
When the job attains the Done Success status try to retrieve the job output via the following command:
glite-wms-job-output _jobid_

Advisory #4039

Submitting this JDL (wms_4039.jdl) will cause arbitrary code to be run as 'glite' user on the WMS, when time to renew the user proxy. It must select only CREAM CEs, so as to trigger the ICE's (WMS component that submits to CREAM) proxy renewal mechanism.

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