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Cream regression, BLAH functionality and regression testsuites installation, configuration and use

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Prerequisite: cream_testing (i.e. cream functionality testsuite) installed

  • All cream and blah testsuites (functionality and regression) work "over" a EMI User Interface, so for first install it, create your user, install your user certificates and test your EMI UI with a simple job submission. EMI UI installation and configuration instructions are available here.
When the UI is running, be sure that the environment variable X509_USER_PROXY is set to your proxy path (something like /tmp/x509up_u0). If not, set it.
  • cream_blah_testsuites depend from cream_test testsuite, whose installation, configuration and use instructions are available here.

Set italiangrid repository

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Configure cream functionality testsuite

Configure cream_blah_testsuites

  • Create (as root user) the cream_blah testsuites configuration file:
         cp /opt/cream_blah_testsuites/lib/conf/cream_testsuite_conf.ini.template /opt/cream_blah_testsuites/lib/conf/cream_testsuite_conf.ini
    and customize it. Be careful:
    • Set the right middleware version installed in the ce under test
    • Set the right path of the yaim configuration files (site-info-path) and be sure they are editable
    • Check the blah_parser parameter value. It must be adequate to the blparser version (old or new) and batch system
  • In the user shell you will use to launch tests source the file: /opt/cream_blah_testsuites/testsuite_env.sh
         source /opt/cream_blah_testsuites/testsuite_env.sh 
    It will setup the environment needed to run the testsuites.
  • Set python4 pythonpath doing:
       export PYTHONPATH=/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages:$PYTHONPATH

Testsuite run

A generic description on how to run tests in cream testsuites is available here.

  • Run BLAH functionality testsuite:
   pybot /opt/cream_blah_testsuites/testsuites/blah_testing/tests
  • Run BLAH functionality tests one by one:
   pybot /opt/cream_blah_testsuites/testsuites/blah_testing/tests/check_notifications_for_normally_finished_jobs.html
   pybot /opt/cream_blah_testsuites/testsuites/blah_testing/tests/check_notifications_for_cancelled_jobs.html
   pybot /opt/cream_blah_testsuites/testsuites/blah_testing/tests/check_notifications_for_suspended_resumed_jobs.html

Remember: to switch from new to old blparser or vice versa you have to do two things:


  • lauch the testsuites in a shell where you have write permissions: robot fremework tryes to write log files in the path where it is launched and it fails if it is unable to create its logs.
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