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META TOPICPARENT name="TestingCreamDgas"

Testing report (SL5): IGIRTC-120

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Glue 2 Compliance

  • glue-validator -t glue2 -h cream-06.pd.infn.it -p 2170 -b o=glue 

Performance and scalability tests

  • Submission and cancellation with polling (SL5 PBS)
       ./bin/cream-test-monitored-cancel -r 30 -n 1000 -m 50 -C 50 -l log4py.conf -j simple.jdl -R cert-42.pd.infn.it:8443/cream-pbs-cert

  • Submission with polling and sandbox transfer (SL5 PBS)
       ./bin/cream-test-monitored-submit -r 30 -n 1000 -m 50 -C 50 -l log4py.conf -j jdl/testsandbox.jdl -R cert-42.pd.infn.it:8443/cream-pbs-cert

Integration testing

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