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IGI (based on EMI) Installation and Configuration

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Service installation

  • Install the StoRM metapackages, containing all packages needed by these four services:
  • Install the StoRM metapackages, containing all packages needed by these four services. You can install StoRM in one host or in more hosts. The mandatory profiles to install are emi-storm-backend-mp and emi-storm-frontend-mp. The other profiles are optional, have a look to the StoRM documentation System Administrator Guide to determinate if you need also emi-storm-globus-gridftp-mp or emi-storm-gridhttps-mp.
yum install emi-storm-backend-mp
yum install emi-storm-frontend-mp
yum install emi-storm-globus-gridftp-mp

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YAIM Configuration

Before configure pay attention: if you are installing a new StoRM in a new host go on, if you are updating StoRM to new release follow this documentation Storm Migration before proceeding.
 Please use the debug flag ( "-d 6") to configure the services in order to have detailed information. For your convenience yo can save all the configuration information in a log file you can look at any time, separated from the yaimlog defulat one.

/opt/glite/yaim/bin/yaim -c -d 6 -s -n  se_storm_backend -n se_storm_frontend 2>&1 | tee /root/conf_StroRM_BE_FE.`hostname -s`.`date`.log
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